What's Good About Our Portfolio Monitor

Here's what's good about our portfolio monitor:

1.  Stock and option positions are bunched together so that the full position can be analyzed.  Typically in brokerage statements they are separated.

2.  If the entire premium from a short position has been garnered, the position turns green. That’s a tip that it is probably time to take the profit and rewrite the position.

3.  A position about to expire is pointed out by turning red.

4.  If a position goes "in the money" it turns orange.  That's a tip that action on that position might be required.

5.  Multiple portfolios can be organized together for making the same trades in different portfolios.

6.  There is a lot of flexibility in presentation, and what data is displayed.

7.  The spreadsheet can show dividend and yield, for purposes of total yield analysis.

8.  If an investor has multiple portfolios, or portfolios with different brokerage houses, by using this manager all of the positions can be compared at once.

9.  A portfolio manager, or a person investing for several family members, can combine all the positions in this one monitor.  This is particularly helpful when a manager is making the same trades in a number of accounts.

10.  Visualize and analyze option chains with our FREE tool written by Harvey Frey

You can access our Online Portfolio Monitor here (you need to be logged in).

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational site. The trades suggested on this site are examples to help the readers understand the principals of option trading. They are not intended as "tips" for actual trading and are suggested so that the reader can enter and follow hypothetical trades in the portfolio manager.

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