Doubleyouryield.com is a website devoted to training investors how to significantly increase their portfolio yield while remaining a conservative, low-risk investor.

There are a number of strategies available for meeting this goal, including:

- investment selection criteria
- diversification
- timing
- utilization of option strategies.

The training program begins by teaching about option strategies, since that segment of investment strategy seems the least utilized by conservative investors. The method we use is to explain the goal of the strategy, how it is implemented, what the possible results will be, and to give a number of examples from real life.  

ImageIn order to make the examples real, we allow the user to access online portfolio monitor designed to track and analyze option trades. We give the data on actual option trades that we do for ourselves, and the user enters these into his or her program, then follows the progress of the trades over time.  By actually entering the data and watching it as it changes over time (with changes in the stock price) the user gains “hands-on” experience in option trading.

We start with some of the more basic option strategies, such as covered call writing, and slowly move into more complex strategies, such as butterfly spreads.  We also explain what other internet sites are recommending, and how they can claim extraordinary results such as 200% returns per year.  Through understanding other strategies the user is able to better analyze the many super investment claims made on the internet.

Our site is particularly useful for investors that have a significant portfolio, but would like to earn a greater yield than that which comes just from dividend or bond income, while retaining the underlying portfolio. 

Once the user is trained and knowledgeable about option trading, we cover a few of the other investment strategies, and then suggest other web sites that provide option trading suggestions on a regular basis, for further, long term investment information.

Example Tutorial

  • Tutorial 1: Outline of Basic Strategies

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  • DISCLAIMER: This is an educational site. The trades suggested on this site are examples to help the readers understand the principals of option trading. They are not intended as "tips" for actual trading and are suggested so that the reader can enter and follow hypothetical trades in the portfolio manager.

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