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How to Make Money with Stock Options

ImageHow to Make Money with Stock Options is an introduction for the conservative, non-professional investor to the strategies used by professional investors to increase yield on investment through the use of stock options.

Beginning with the basic elements of the differences between stocks and options, Mr. Hecht gradually moves the reader to the advanced stages of options strategies, including buying and selling puts and calls, spreads, and buy-writes.

Throughout the book the emphasis is on conservative strategies, and an understanding of what makes particular strategies risky or conservation (and what those terms mean).

The author includes practical sections on mitigation of losses and hedging, and helpful diagnose of common psychological pitfalls that sometimes influence our decision making in the market.

Finally, there are sections giving practical advice specifically to stock brokers and layers handling option-related cases.  How to Make Money with Stock Options makes this complex subject manageable for the average investor who wants to increase his or her investment return while maintaining a conservative posture.

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational site. The trades suggested on this site are examples to help the readers understand the principals of option trading. They are not intended as "tips" for actual trading and are suggested so that the reader can enter and follow hypothetical trades in the portfolio manager.

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