Who is Mervyn Hecht?

Mr. Mervyn L. Hecht was educated at UCLA, University of Paris (Sorbonne) and Harvard Law School. In 1963, while still in law school, he authored an important article in Taxes Magazine on real estate taxation, and in 1964 opened a law practice in Pacific Palisades California. During 25 years of law practice he represented investment advisors and investors in a number of matters, and worked extensively for Charles Schwab and Merrill Lynch. He acts as an arbitrator in options related matters for the NASD and the New York Stock Exchange, and lectures on option trading. The first edition of his book "How to Make Money with Stock Options--a Guide for the Conservative Investor" was published in 1974, and is now in it's third edition.

DISCLAIMER: This is an educational site. The trades suggested on this site are examples to help the readers understand the principals of option trading. They are not intended as "tips" for actual trading and are suggested so that the reader can enter and follow hypothetical trades in the portfolio manager.

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